Our Story

Little P was born shortly after its namesake, Paige-Maria, who started walking early on in life. Her love for shoes developed just as early, with Paige always rummaging through the shoe cupboard, and encouraging others to take off their shoes so she could wear them instead. Needless to say, her shoe collection grew from a young age, and this is what brought life to Little P shoes.

Small children’s shoes are typically low quality and disposable. While this may seem to suit their rapid growth spurts, little ones often end up wearing the same preferred pairs of shoes at least a few times a week. It’s better, then, to have fewer pairs of shoes, made of higher quality, long-lasting material, that are versatile across outfits.

This is when we noticed a lack of durable, contemporary kiddies’ shoes out there – particularly in easy-wearing, neutral colours like brown and white – and decided to create a solution. Integrity was important here; the majority of Paige’s clothing is locally sourced, and this footwear needed to follow suit.

Now, we’d like to introduce you to the Little P range. This is a small selection of real leather kiddies’ sandals, boots and togs for fashion-loving families. The little duck logo represents Paige’s love of duckies – her first animal sound was quack-quack!